My name is Melody Mischke and Live In Resonance Empowerment Coaching specializes in helping women who feel trapped by their responsibilities, and who want to create more meaning in their incredibly full lives.

Do you...
  • Crave a clearer sense of purpose?

  • Hold yourself to exceptionally high standards?

  • Care deeply about those you love, and about offering your unique gifts to the world?

  • Want to show up fully for all of it, but often find yourself stretched too thin?

An Invitation

If so, I would love to help you slow down, get crystal clear on what you really want, and identify the obstacles and self-limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your dreams. Together, we can craft simple and elegant solutions that will allow you to give more of yourself to the things you most want to be doing—without feeling overextended or depleted. You deserve more ease, abundance, spaciousness, and meaning in your life. I would be honored to support you in making that a reality.


I offer one-on-one transformational coaching, and I work with all of my clients remotely, so we can connect from wherever you need to be.  


My capacity to guide others in the particular way that I do is deeply rooted in my own journey. 

Working with Melody was a prayer answered. She helped me open up a space that I had wanted to explore for decades, guiding the process with grace and confidence. The journey allowed me to release blocks that I had only ever dreamed of overcoming. It was nothing short of a miracle; truly life-changing! 


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