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I offer one-on-one transformational coaching, and I work with all of my clients remotely, so we can connect from wherever you need to be.  


All of my coaching packages and pricing are custom-tailored to the needs of each individual client. The structure typically centers around a standing weekly coaching session. Most of my clients enroll for six or twelve months of coaching at a time, and invest significantly in themselves through our work together.   


My enrollment process is very slow and intentional. It’s an honest exploration of you, what you want, whether I think I can help you, and, if so, of what working together would look like. It is designed, in part, to give you a very real taste of how I work so that you have an experiential knowing of whether my approach resonates with you. 


It is my heartfelt intention to guide both of us in arriving at a clear and aligned decision as to whether or not working together would be a good fit—for each of us. So if you are at all interested in exploring the process by which I support my clients in creating life-changing and radical improvements in their lives, let’s connect. It would be my honor to get to know you, and to hear what it is that you are most longing for.

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